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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Does every post have to have a title?

Sorry about no post.... I had had it all typed out, then I lost it :( anyways, Friday I went bowling for Nate's b day party!!! I came in 3rd most. Logan did amazing!!!! Then I spent the night at the petersons. We play football (very aggresive!!) capter the flag and xbox!!! I was up till 4! I watched wall-e. Stupid movie! Then in the morning I got up at like 6:30!!! At pancakes for breakfast, then went to work. We firtiliezed. It's hard! 30 pound bucket, walking down long rows throwing it on plants, yeah. Then worked with a friend in pine trees. Devilish work :P then I went to a party at new covanet fellowship. It was fun. I talked to a guy named brandon and his wife for like a hour about music and stuff. They were cool. We played ultimant frisbee! That's fun. Diving hurts though.... Elizabeth and Brittney took and buried my keys and iPod in grass so I couldn't leave. We played dodge ball also!


  1. oh yeah and that guy Brandon that you talked to is my cousin... lol